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    Have you ever had a doctor that really cares about what your going through? Or really gives you the time of day? Not many people can say yes to those questions. And I really couldn't say yes to those questions until I went to DMC Medical Group in Commerce Township. Most doctors you meet are either jaded or didn't care in the first place. I remember a year ago, I was devastated from a surgery that no one talked to me about, I mean really the doctor that did the surgery back in Oregon didn't even tell me how it went or what exactly happened, and trust me I called several times (this was the first and only surgery I ever had done in my life and I'm almost 30). I remember thinking I'm in so much pain and here I am in a new state, its cold as all get out and I don't even know what is going on with my knee much less what I need to do to heal. I called DMC in Commerce Township half in panic and sleep deprived. Kelley picked up the phone, and told me about Dr. Nzoma and how great he was and how DMC would be happy to take my out of state workers compensation insurance. You know how many doctors I called in Michigan trying to find one doctor that would take my insurance....long story short I called everyone I could find on google and there was a lot of doctor offices that didn't give me the time of day. Its been a year now and I'm proud to say, I was blessed with an gifted doctor and an amazing staff. Someone that listens to me, has worked with me through this whole process and let me tell you workers compensation is terrible, I mean its a full time job trying to get this whole thing settled. Dr. Nzoma cares about his patients, he cares about his office staff and loves his job. If there has ever been someone that deserves recognition, and a pay raise, its this guy and his entire staff! I'm not even sure if anyone higher up reads these things, but you have a real gem on your hands and hopefully you appreciate him greatly and his staff. Thank you Dr. Nzoma, thank you DMC Commerce Township staff for always being the best at what you do and caring for your clients always.

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